Our Company

Razor Risk has a long history, initially as an independant company in 1998 and recently part of the Toronto and Montreal Exchange (TMX) group. The company has grown as the platform acquired customers and now has teams in two continents.

Now fully independant with staff in London and Sydney, the company has strong client list with the platform serving the needs of thousands of capital markets professionals around the world.

Our People

Our current team includes talented and experienced people who drive forward the Razor business to meet our customer needs. We include deep software and hardware expertise to develop and deploy our high performance platform, along with deep product and pricing knowledge to power our analytics. Our first-rate sales and delivery teams take our customers through from initial contact to live deployment and maintain an on-going relationship with our customers.

Entry Level

Adding people to the team who bring energy and enthusiasm but need to acquire knowledge and skills, is important for our business. We will work with staff to develop their skills and knowledge through training and mentoring to suit your specific needs. We expect you to actively acquire knowledge of the products traded in the capital markets, how they work, why they are used and how there are priced. At the same time we will teach you about our platform and how to deploy and configure it for our customers so that you become a trusted expert on the platform overall.

Experienced Joiners

The Razor platform can be used to enable strategic decision making about the desks, portfolios and products within a capital markets firm. With recent regulations especially around capital usage firms need to know how they allocate and consume capital to a detailed level.

The overall trend in the market is to incorporate into the daily trader decision making the capital consumption of trades, whether OTC or cleared, as this has become a major influence on sell- and buy-side relationships and the profitability of most firms.

We want to hear from individuals who share this strategic view and want to help us develop the platform alongside our customers.  We have a product roadmap that will evolve by responding to customer feedback but also towards the long term direction that Risk departments are heading.

Our Vacancies

Graduate Technology Analysts (London)

Having a 2.1 or higher degree in computing, engineering, mathematics or numerate sciences you will bring basic knowledge of the capital markets and a strong desire to work in banking.

As a graduate Technology Consultant, you will have the opportunity to develop a strong set of technical and consulting skills and then progress onto solution design and technical leadership roles at increasing levels of responsibility. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a team of highly skilled individuals, learning from their experience as you take on increasing challenges and responsibilities and providing an opportunity for strong career growth.

We help our customers install and configure our software, integrate with incoming data feeds, validate the resulting outputs and take part in testing towards sign-off for go-live.

This role is based in our London office in Clements Lane but may be asked to travel in Europe to customer sites as needed.

Candidates will differentiate themselves by having:

  • Strong technology skills (as shown below)
  • Knowledge of the capital markets, especially OTC derivatives products and pricing
  • A drive to own and solve customer problems and deliver solutions
  • A strong interest in risk management
  • Being self-motivated to work without close supervision
  • Strong communication skills

Candidates will be expected to provide evidence of the above characteristics including examples of their use.

Project Managers (London)

Having worked on projects to deploy risk systems before (such as Algo, FIS (Sungard), Calypso, Murex) we are interested to hear from people who wish to join our growing business.

Working independently you will bring together the Razor team in tandem with our clients to coordinate the delivery of our platform.

Candidates will differentiate themselves by having:

  • A track record of owning and managing projects
  • The ability to positively influence disparate teams towards a common goal
  • Fluent communication skills to support a project, in writing (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and verbally
  • Technology skills to understand the underlying challenges of deployment
  • Strong knowledge of the capital markets, especially OTC derivatives products and pricing
  • Being self-motivated to work without close supervision

Candidates will be expected to provide evidence of the above characteristics including examples of their use.

Junior Software Developer (London)

Razor is a small and dedicated team who are looking for a talented graduate to help in the re-architecture process of our product in the Reg-Tech space. Razor is well funded and highly ambitious, with a dynamic positive environment offering plenty of learning and growth opportunities working with very senior technical and financial subject matter experts. 

Having a small team means that every person is important to us. Razor creates a very supportive space to help you realise your full potential. We also recognise the importance of a happy team by maintaining a sense of fun and ensuring a good work/life balance.

Razor is a scalable and resilient high-performance platform for the calculation engine to producing financial exposures and the data engine to tag and linking elements within the data network.


  • A passion for quality software development
  • Thorough understanding of the theory and practise of Object Oriented software development
  • Proven experience in developing in an Object-Oriented language such as: C#, Java, C++
  • Proven experience in scripted languages such as: Ruby, Python
  • Interest in continual improvement learning new skills such as Go Lang and Scala
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Outstanding academic results in a relevant field
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Self-driven to get the job done


  • Platforms for distributed computing such as Apache Spark.
  • Micro-services architecture
  • Continuous Integration process
  • Experience with agile processes
  • Any knowledge of stochastic calculus, financial risk and financial derivatives

Why you should join:

  • Very interesting and challenging work
  • On the job training with close mentoring by very senior and experience experts
  • High remuneration
  • Enjoyable and positive environment
  • Relaxed and flexible culture.

Residency Requirements

UK Citizens and Permanent Residents only

Our Platform

The Razor platform offers a powerful and flexible solution to measuring and managing the many aspects of Risk in a capital markets firm. Originally market and credit risks were the focus but the market needs have broadened into clearing, xVA and counterparty real-time limits management, as has our platform.

Our customers

We have customers around the world which deploy and use our software for thousands of people. Our customers include trading platforms, CCPs, banks and other capital markets players. Each one relies upon our platform to deliver the critical analytical insights they require to run their businesses.


You can read more details about some of these on our Clients page

Our Knowledge

Desirable knowledge and experience (depending on role) could include the following:

  • Capital markets
    • Interest Rate Swaps and Swaptions, Credit Default Swaps & structures, FX Options, Exchange Traded Products, Equity Swaps and Options, pretty much anything traded regularly
    • Pricing models, curve construction and the ‘greeks’
    • The proposed FRTB rules
    • Capital measures & metrics such as the Basle rules
  • Risk Management
    • VaR (Historial Simulation VaR, Monte Carlo, Expected Shortfall)
    • Risk measures such as Market, Credit, Liquidity
    • xVA measures including CVA
    • Central Clearing including Initial Margin and Default Risk
  • Technology:
    • Languages such as C#, C++, Lisp, Perl, R, Python, SQL and/or SQL Server
    • Operating systems such as Windows and Unix
    • Distributed computing across multiple servers
    • Familiar with a typical software development lifecycle
  • Personal characteristics
    • Understand the global nature of the capital markets
    • Capable of communicating complex topics verbally and in writing
    • Understand the nature of a software service company and our customer orientation
    • Willing to own tasks and use the team around you to solve problems
    • Capable of structured analytical thinking
    • Have a passion for technology and using it to deliver customer solutions
  • Others
    • Eligible to work in the UK, Australia, Europe and Globally
    • Willing to travel when necessary

Start the Process

If you are interested in working with us, even if we haven’t listed your ideal role above, get in touch, as we always welcome interest from talented and experienced people.